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Tax Preparation

Filing taxes and confused about the various terminology on your Form 1040? Unable to find answers you need from the IRS website? If you have farm income or rental income to deal with, things might not appear so straightforward. And then there is the concern about accidentally refusing any of the refunds that you qualify for.

Tax preparation can cause quite a headache. But Taxes Done Right can alleviate your process by clarifying terms and thereby accelerating the whole process. Get those dividends and offsets taken care of, so that you can move onto doing other things. Do you have Foreign Income no problem. Let us help with filing your storm damage. Leave it to our service to help save your time and energy!

Business Taxes

Overwhelmed by all the new due dates for wage and tax statements? Or what ‘other compensation paid to an employee’ looks like? You might want to learn how to expediently deal with overpaid employment taxes. And whether to round off your wages and tips. And find out exactly what a ‘taxable year’ means. Maybe you don’t have the time to read through the latest Publication 15-A revision. But Taxes Done Right can take care of that. Our business tax service helps your business file tax forms as well as navigate the complexities of FUTA and deductible business expenses. You can get your business taxes figured out today!

Income Tax Returns

So many questions arise when doing our taxes: Whom can I claim as a dependent? Whom can I claim as a dependent as of this year? Which are the exceptions? Or, maybe exceptions changed in the past year. And we might have fuzzy ideas about which document to look up to find out.

Taxes Done Right foresees all these questions. With our up-to-date knowledge about taxation and the law, we can make your income tax returns process less hectic. Say goodbye to hours of sweating in front of a mountain load of texts. No more getting stuck on remembering exactly what ‘gross’ means! Simply consult us today!

Individual Taxes

There’s nothing like personal taxes that makes one acutely aware of one’s personal expenses and financial responsibilities. And then there is the harrowing imagination of accidentally falsifying one’s information or misconstruing the significant parts of the process. Yes, these taxes can cause additional distress at various stages.

Taxes Done Right juggles the facets of your financial life—from gross earnings to rental properties—to help you organize your thoughts. Take care of individual taxes with us swiftly, and make time for other things. Calculating investments and dividends doesn’t have to be agonizing. Streamline your process today with Taxes Done Right!

Resume Service

Preparing, creating and correcting resumes. Assistance with employment.


Assist new business owners with setting up their business. We help make your dreams come to life.

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